The UK is considered one of the most interesting destinations to experience as a study abroad student.

With almost a quarter of British universities ranked the highest and most reputable in the world, the UK holds a long-standing tradition of offering excellent professional qualifications to students.

When in London, besides getting to know more about the unique British culture and experiencing world-class academic infrastructure, you will get the opportunity to perfect your English language skills.

So, why does London attract millions of international students each year to enrol on professional degree Courses?


What Are The Benefits of Studying in London?

Universities in the UK focus on providing students with the most relevant knowledge and experience required to achieve a certain level of expertise in an industrial sector that is closely related to your passion and interests.

There are many reasons why you should choose the UK for studying for professional degrees and there are many other benefits of professional courses taught in London.

  • Gain respect from around the world

Completing a degree from any UK university will push you to be your best and obtain international recognition for your ability to overcome challenges and be highly creative.

  • Be part of a multicultural society

Gaining a qualification from London will look great on your CV and be an amazing selling point. The online digital platforms here allow you to mingle with students from different cultures and obtain diverse viewpoints.

  • Brilliant employment options

Internships are accessible when you choose to study professional qualifications in London because it allows you to earn money and learn new skills while studying and enables you to gain industry-relevant experience by taking on part-time jobs.

  • Enjoy financial benefits

Besides obtaining financial aid when applying for a professional qualification in London in the form of grants, bursaries and scholarships, as an international student in the UK, you will also get the opportunity to analyse the career prospects related to the different types of professional courses offered in London.


What To Study in London

The quality of education in the UK is known across the globe, with prestigious universities offering professional degree courses to help students build a career by combining different subjects that they are passionate about.

Enrolling on professional qualification courses in London can help you undergo vocational training to develop industry-relevant skills and improve your chances in the job market.

Opting for some of the best popular professional courses offered in London will help you gain the attributes required for specific jobs, as programmes are designed to allow you to experience your dream profession first-hand and involve practical training that can make your career prospects improve instantly.


What Are The University Requirements That You Must Meet?

To make a successful application for professional accounting courses, you must possess a relevant degree from a university or possess three GCSEs and two A-levels (or equivalent) in five different academic disciplines including English and mathematics.


English language proficiency tests

If English isn’t your first language, the majority of professional degree courses will ask for evidence of your English language skills, which can be submitted in the form of:

  1. PTE Academic - This computer-based exam is conducted to understand a student’s confidence in communicating in English, the scores of which are accepted around the world by professional bodies, universities and government entities.
  2. IELTS – This is an international English language test for study, migration or work, the results of which indicate your written and spoken performance in the English language.
  3. TOEFL – This worldwide admissions test is uniquely designed to help students achieve their academic goals by enhancing their English language proficiency based on multiple assessments.
  4. C1 advanced – This is one of the most popular Cambridge English qualifications that allow you to acquire in-depth and high-level English language skills that academic institutes and employers are looking for.

Professional courses in accountancy and finance offered in London are considered world-class degrees that can help you prepare and succeed on your career path.

Check out the wide range of professional degree courses offered by the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) that are tailor-made to support you in qualifying as an expert in your field of interest as quickly as possible. 



How do I qualify to study in the UK?

To qualify to study professional finance courses in the UK, the best route is to enrol into a foundation level qualification after you have completed a diploma in accounting and business.

How much will it cost to study in the UK?

The average cost of studying professional courses in London lies between £4000 to £8000, with the possibility of paying your tuition fees via interest-free instalment plans.