Course Duration:
  Three Months
Mode of Study:
  Live Online
  CPD-Continuing Professional Development

Students will learn about business ethics and sustainability as well as the steps to fostering a culture of integrity within organisations. This certificate in corporate governance equips individuals with the knowledge to navigate complex governance challenges and contribute effectively to ethical decision-making in diverse professional settings.

Over the course of three months, this programme will guide you through:


  • Ethical views and frameworks within a multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-view world and their application to business. 
  • The question of whether business and ethics can co-exist and a critical consideration of the dichotomy. 
  • Corporations, corporate governance and corporate responsibility.
  • Working models for ensuring ethical decisions are taken. 
  • What being a professional entails and expectations vs reality. 
  • Sustainability and corporate reporting.


The Certificate in Governance and Ethics is meant for both students and professionals who are interested in the workings of the board of directors and various other mechanisms for directing and controlling corporations. The course equally helps students and professionals to better understand the importance of recognising ethical issues in the workplace and ways to mitigate and avoid them. 


  • Working models for ensuring that ethical decisions are taken.
  • Ethics from the perspective of corporations, including corporate responsibility.
  • The reality and behind the concept of whether business and ethics can coexist.
  • Ethical views and frameworks within a multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-view world, and their application to business.


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