Course Duration:
  Three Months
Mode of Study:
  Live Online
  CPD-Continuing Professional Development

The Project Management Certification from LSBF is structured to provide the knowledge to plan, implement, evaluate, and modify projects designed to meet specific company goals and objectives. It will give students a comprehensive overview of essential project management principles and practices. Designed to equip professionals with fundamental skills, this programme covers project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closure.

Over the course of three months, this programme will guide you through:

  • The fundamental elements of projects.
  • Tasks and functions of managing and organising a project.
  • Strategic cost management.
  • The process and planning of a project.
  • Linking project plans to project budgets and costs.
  • Project management tools and scheduling of project work.
  • Resource allocation in project management.
  • Reporting on project progress, completion, and evaluation

As project-based work becomes increasingly pervasive in contemporary organisations, this course is relevant to a wide range of professionals who wish to develop their skills in project management. 

Prospective students include:  

  • Junior project management professionals who wish to enhance their skills in the areas of project planning, budgeting and resource allocation, scheduling, risk management, reporting, closure, evaluation and assessment.
  • Professionals from various business functions involved in project-based work, aiming to cultivate essential knowledge and skills in project management. 
  • Professionals representing diverse types of organisations, including not-for-profit and government sectors, who recognise the value of honing project management skills. 
  • Professionals who intend to make a transition into project management roles and seek to acquire a more comprehensive understanding the field of project management.


  • Critically analyse the main concepts of project management.
  • Apply project management concepts on the initiation phase of project management including the initial stages of planning.
  • Evaluate the planning phase of project management including scheduling, budgeting, and making a business case, with an eye on the importance of evaluating project success.
  • Reflect on the actual process of implementing a project(s) from the starting point to the point of closure.

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